What is the Disney Alumni Association?
The Disney Alumni Association is an exclusive community for those who have successfully completed a Disney College, International or Culinary Program where members can reconnect, network and enjoy benefits of the association such as events and giveaways. Since 2014, this association has grown to include over 45,000 of Disney Program alumni from around the world.

When will posting be turned off in the Facebook group?
Posting will be turned off on Wednesday, Sept. 25, 2019.

Why can’t I post in the Disney Alumni Association Facebook Group anymore?
As the Disney Alumni Association continues to grow and evolve, we are constantly considering the best ways to provide engagement and support for our alumni group. With the goals of the association in mind, we have established a new platform called DisneyAlumni.com. The website and associated mobile application will provide opportunity for connectivity to stay in touch with other alumni!

In addition, as a Disney-supported page, there are moderation guidelines that we must consider. As members of the group know, Disney cast members associated with the Disney Campus Recruitment team moderate and engage as page admins. Our new website, DisneyAlumni.com, allows the recruitment team to adjust to size and volume of engagement.

However, we encourage our members to continue to connect on the platform of their choice, and we will always support the community found amongst this unique alumni group.

Where can I engage with the Disney Alumni Association now?
If you haven’t already, sign up to be a part of our alumni association on DisneyAlumni.com! You can also follow the association on Twitter @Disney_Alumni or Instagram @DisneyAlumni for daily updates. And don’t forget to use #DisneyAlumni on your social media posts so we can follow your alumni journey, too!

I’m having trouble with the Alumni Association app and/or website. Are you aware of any issues?
DisneyAlumni.com and the associated app are supported by Graduway, a global provider of alumni networking and management software currently used by over 1,000 universities and alumni associations. We partner closely with the Graduway team in an effort to share and resolve feedback that comes from our alumni.

If you are experiencing difficulties, please send the team a message with the concern via the tech support tab on the home page of DisneyAlumni.com.

What is the benefit of signing up for the website and/or app?
DisneyAlumni.com is the best way to remain connected with the company and your fellow alumni. On this site, you can engage with fellow alumni on the main page by posting photos, memories or Disney news; search the active directory for alumni or careers; find networking opportunities and direct message within the app; search for available roles with The Walt Disney company on the job board; join alumni groups such as your program year and season; and keep up-to-date with events and news.

How do I sign up for the website?
To sign up, visit DisneyAlumni.com and click “Get started” to register via an email or Google account. When registering, the association will ask for some information including your name, email, program year and password creation. On a desktop, we recommend using the Google Chrome browser.

How do I download the app?
To download the app on an iOS device, visit the application store and search “Graduway Community”. Once you have downloaded the app, you’ll be asked to enter the name of your institution. Enter “Disney Alumni Association” then sign in using the same information you used when initially registering. For Android devices, search “Disney Alumni Association” in your app store and follow the download and selection instructions within the app.