After participating in three Disney International Programs over the course of the last four years, you could say Chelsea is hooked on the magic. Her Disney story started in the fall of 2012 when she worked Main Street operations at the Magic Kingdom Park. She then returned to the Walt Disney World Resort in the summer of 2014 as a Tomorrowland attractions cast member. Presently, Chelsea works as a food and beverage Cultural Representative in the United Kingdom Pavilion at Epcot.

As a server at the Rose & Crown Dining Room, Chelsea gives guests an immersive and authentic dining experience they can’t get anywhere else, at least in this country! She also gets the unique opportunity to incorporate storytelling into each meal she serves by recommending dishes she enjoys back home with her family.


Chelsea’s favorite part about her role as a server is meeting and interacting with guests from all over the world and sharing her culture with them. She really enjoys helping guests make memories with their families and being a part of their special celebrations.

In her role, Chelsea enjoys creating magical moments and teaming up with her fellow cast members to make it happen. When one of her tables is celebrating a special occasion, she gathers the rest of the servers to sign a Rose & Crown menu and they present it to the guests as a fun souvenir to remember their meal.

One of the perks of being a Disney Cultural Representative is the opportunity to become a trainer. Chelsea is really passionate about setting new participants up for success in different areas of food and beverage, and feels lucky to be a part of the trainer team.


On top of learning valuable training skills, our company culture is a huge part of Chelsea’s decision to keep returning to work for The Walt Disney Company. She credits her leadership teams for providing a supportive and fun work environment, while encouraging her to give the guests the best experiences possible.

For Chelsea, the magic and storytelling are what makes Disney different from other brands. She feels fortunate to provide guests with unforgettable meals, and values the personal connections she makes with her guests everyday. Chelsea feels the guest service and leadership skills she’s gained through her experience at Disney are extremely valuable and will translate to any career she chooses, wherever that may be.

LaurynDisney Internships & Programs Communication Team