Coming full circle –
Alumni Elizabeth returns to Disney after graduation!

Meet Elizabeth, a recent graduate from Ohio State University. She has recently returned to Disney in a full time role as an Associate Industrial Engineer, after successfully completing a Disney College Program, a Disney Professional Internship and served as a Disney College Program Campus Representative. At Ohio State she studied Industrial and Systems Engineering and dreams of having an executive presence with Entertainment and Operations with Disney someday.

She began her Disney career on the Disney College Program in Spring 2010 in a lifeguard role. She took one of our Education Offerings, Disney’s Marketing You, and described it as, “the single most important class I have ever taken!” As an Engineering major, she was also able to sign up for the Engineering Professional Development Study. She shared that it, “launched me into this incredible world that exists in the backstage of Disney. I learned about engineering disciplines of every variety, all over property, and was even fortunate enough to participate in Disney’s Ultimate Engineering Exploration (DUEE), a full day interactive engineering program for college program and professional interns. The Disney College Program really set me up to learn what it takes to create such a beautiful and unique product.”

Elizabeth then applied for and was selected for a Disney Professional Internship with Industrial Engineering for Fall 2011. “I got to see what it takes to make the magic possible. To be on the other side of the coin and really see everything it takes to make the magic possible and have that intent to return be high. It was really an enlightening experience for me!”

Elizabeth continued her involvement on campus as a Campus Rep. She reflected, “With my Disney College Program was about creating the guests’ experience. With my Disney Professional Internship I learned what it takes backstage to make the magic happen, and now with Campus Rep it’s about helping to identify those that will actively keep the magic alive in their role at a Disney Park both on stage and off.” Promoting the Disney College Program on campuses around the nation are our proud team of Campus Representatives! These alumni represent the Disney at campus presentations, information tables and raise awareness of and encourage application to the Disney College Program while they finish their college degree.

Elizabeth added, “If you want to learn the business of making magic, there is no better place to start!”

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Jennifer, Disney College Recruiting