Come along and explore a (not-so) typical week at the Disneyland Resort

Many of you have applied for the Disney College Program, completed your interview and are anxiously waiting to hear back to see if your lifelong dream of working for Disney will finally come true. Everyone wants this opportunity so bad, but have you ever wondered what a typical week would look like on the program?

You may have asked a former participant this question, did some research online or even brought it up in your interview. If so, you’ve probably noticed that you never really hear the same response twice. That’s because a typical week on the Disney College Program is…well…anything but typical.

Here in California, our participants are placed in over 18 different roles throughout the Disneyland Resort. Not only will each role create a very unique job experience and involve different day-to-day tasks and responsibilities, your work location will also play a factor in what every week on the program looks like, too.

For example, if you and your roommate both work in attractions, one of you could work at Disneyland Park and spend every day as a ghost host at a creepy haunted estate, while the other works at Disney California Adventure Park and spends their day cruisin’ Route 66 and the streets of Radiator Springs. Same role, but the work week and atmosphere are very different.

Typically, you’ll work about 25-40 hours per week during your program, depending on the season (probably closer to 40 hours during the holidays and over the summer). Some of you may have a lot of shifts during the day, while others may have more shifts at night; and everyone usually has two days off per week. Because Disneyland can get a lot more crowded on the weekends, your days off will more than likely be during the week.

If you’ve researched our Disneyland College Program, you’ve probably seen that we offer educational classes. One thing to keep in mind is that our classes in California are mandatory, so everyone will take them during the program and it’s an excellent way to gain more valuable knowledge and meet all of your fellow participants.

Are you concerned that your class schedule will overlap with your work schedule? Don’t worry; we will not schedule you to work at the same time you’re in class and if you work the same day as class, we’ll give you plenty of time to grab something to eat and get to work.

While it’s easy to see how your classes, role and work location could create a very unique experience for everyone, our program also offers some spectacular opportunities for participants to enjoy together. To me, this all starts with our weekly special events.

We want you to have the absolute best experience possible on your program and experience Disneyland like never before, so each week we host special events for everyone to enjoy. Some weeks it could be a movie night, and other weeks it might be a behind-the-scenes look at one of our most popular attractions.

Just this month, our current group of participants have made a trip to the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank for an advanced screening of the new film Beauty and the Beast and have taken a private tour of the Radiator Springs Racers where they learned some secrets about this amazing adventure and walked the track at night!

That’s not even close to all of the fun you’ll have each week during the program. As a Disneyland College Program participant, you’ll also receive complimentary admission to the theme parks where you can explore all of the magic the Disneyland Resort has to offer. Looking for something to do on your days off?  How does meeting up with some friends at Disneyland Park and taking in the parade and fireworks sound?

At Disneyland, you may play the role of a flight attendant, ghost host, pirate or even a Jedi during your program and every week could look a little bit different for everyone, but one thing is certain…your journey will be extraordinary!

BrandonDisneyland Resort Housing Communications
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