Each season when Disney College Program applications open, I see student confusion about the process once their application is submitted. Mainly, students want to know where they are in their application process.

The best answer is to check the dashboard account you created the day after your submission.  This will let you know you have an active application for the current season. 

Here are some other guidelines of expectation to keep in mind during the application process:

  1. When a candidate submits an application, it is reviewed and considered for the program session(s), location(s), and positions in which they expressed interest. 
  2. We take the majority of information provided by the candidate into consideration before asking a candidate to proceed with the interviewing process.  Every candidate’s application receives the exact same consideration.  Those who are asked to move forward to the interviews are not selected randomly; they are asked based on the information they provided in their application. (insider tip: don’t be shy to share your experiences and accomplishments –  every little bit help the recruiter learn more about who you really are!) 
  3. The applications are reviewed to identify candidates with a profile and experience that we believe will make them most successful for the Disney College Program.  Due to the high volume of applications and limited number of opportunities available, not all applicants will move forward in the interviewing process. 
  4. Unless a candidate has been specifically told they are no longer in consideration, their application is still being evaluated against other candidates and they may still be contacted to begin the interview process. 
  5. All candidates will receive an update on their status by e-mail and/or on their dashboard.