The rumors are true, friends—cleanliness inspections are conducted on a regular basis here in Disney Housing. The purpose is not only to make sure your apartment is “show-ready,” especially since we welcome new participants most weeks out of the year, but also to check on the condition of the structure and appliances. We’ve heard some rumors about inspections while working at the East Coast Housing Service Centers (did someone say Facebook groups?) so we wanted to set the record straight by playing a round of Cleanliness Inspections—True or False?

The inspections team wants to fail our apartment.

Definitely false! The inspections team, comprised of four employees from Lincoln Property Company, want our participants to be successful. Their goal is to make sure everyone is living in a safe and clean environment.

Additionally, seeing as we welcome around 16,000 participants to our complexes each year, it is important for them to make sure that the apartments and its appliances are in good condition for future use.

My apartment has to be spotless in order to pass an inspection.

False! Your apartment does not have to be spotless in order to pass; however, we do expect your space to be in clean and good condition throughout your stay.

Completing the following tasks will ensure a successful inspection:

  • Floors are vacuumed and mopped
  • Sinks are clean and free of dirty dishes
  • Countertops are clean and uncluttered
  • Kitchen appliances, like stoves and microwaves, have no stains or debris
  • Floors are clear of clothing, trash and personal items
  • Bathtubs, showers, sinks and toilets are wiped down with cleaners and free of mildew

I can’t bring any furniture into my apartment, or I will fail an inspection.

False! Small pieces of furniture can be brought in, like bookshelves or storage cubes, but they cannot exceed 36 inches X 36 inches.

Any furniture bigger than that, like couches, mattresses, or arm chairs, is not permitted.

If my apartment fails an inspection, I have to pay a fee.

True. If an apartment does not pass an inspection, each roommate will have to pay a fee and disciplinary action will occur.

To avoid this from happening, make a game plan in advance with your roommates. Many apartments create their own cleaning schedules with tasks to complete each week. This way, your apartment will always be at a good level of cleanliness and no one is scrambling to clean at the last minute. You’ll be #adulting in no time!

For more information about cleanliness inspections, please look at your Program Guide or visit your Housing Service Center. Happy cleaning!

LizDisney Service Center