Cars, Buses, and Schedules – Oh, My! Walt Disney World


Do you remember what life was like before you had your driver’s license?  For a lot of people, those may seem like dark days – asking for a ride to a friend’s house and planning around someone else’s schedule.  As a participant on the Disney College Program at the Walt Disney World Resort, you have a choice of whether or not to bring your car with you.

If you bring your car on the Program, you are going to have a bit more flexibility in terms of when you can leave for work and where you can go on your days off.  Feel like a last-minute trip to the beach one day?  Hop in the car and head that way (but don’t forget the sunscreen)!  Does looking at a bus schedule make you dizzy?  Don’t worry about it!  Just hop in your car when you’re ready for work.  It’s definitely no secret – having a car with you is pretty nice, but what if you decided against bringing a car?

Students that don’t have a car with them aren’t stranded, by any means!  While you’re on your Program, you’ll have access to a bus system open only to current Program participants.  With bus routes to all of the Theme Parks and Resorts on the Walt Disney World Resort property, the housing complexes and even the mall and local groceries, you shouldn’t ever feel like you’re stuck at home with nowhere to go!  There are plenty of buses and routes to get you where you want to be in a reasonable amount of time.  Even besides all of the bus routes that are available to you, you still have other options for transportation.  You are sure to make plenty of friends while on your Program who do have cars, and they are bound to be willing to give you a ride when possible!

Keep in mind when using the bus transportation provided that it is not a taxi service.  There is a set schedule that the buses run on, and they must keep that schedule.  You’ll get a bus schedule when you check into your apartment, and so as long as you check that schedule often, you’ll be fine!  If you are bringing a car with you, you’ll want to make sure you have proof of insurance with your name.  This is something that a lot of students forget to bring.  Without this, we are unable to issue you a parking decal for your apartment.

Regardless of whether you choose to ride the bus or bring your own car, you’ll have plenty of options for transportation and should never feel that you are unable to get somewhere.

Kirk, Disney College Program and Professional Internships Recruiting