Tips on Using Disney Housing Transportation at Walt Disney World

One of the many perks of living in Disney Housing in Florida is the transportation infrastructure. With a valid Housing ID, participants can choose to take the bus to the parks and resorts for work and play, as well as to non-Disney locations, such as Walmart, Publix and the post office.

Here are some important tips to keep in mind when using housing transportation:

Allow for extra time when traveling.

The departure times listed on the schedule are approximate and can be affected by a number of factors, including inclement weather and road construction.

Arrive to the bus stop early.

Aim to arrive to the bus stop at least 15 minutes earlier than you think you need to. The bus drivers use synchronized timepieces, and it might show a different time than yours.

Wait only in designated areas.

Bus drivers can only pick up and drop off passengers in the designated load zones. Do not chase after the bus – the bus driver cannot stop to let you on, and it puts you and everyone on the bus in danger. Stay safe!

Contact dispatch when necessary.

If work-related transportation needs fall outside of the transportation schedule, call or visit the Dispatch Office at Vista Way to make arrangements.


In a future article,  we’ll be sharing another notable transportation-related update – stay tuned for full details.

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