”Blind Date with a book” is a brand new offering from the Disney Learning Center at Vista Way in Florida (DLC). Disney Internship and Programs participants can check out selected books and then will “rate the date” when they return the book. Each month there will be a randomly selected winner from the ”ratings” that will receive a prize.

disneylearningcenter3The Disney Learning Center (DLC) at Vista Way has a variety of other offerings for the Disney Internships and Programs participants. The most popular is our library, which includes a vast array of DVDs, books, and games. If you check out 15 or more of these resources in one month and are never late in returning them you can be a Library Star and receive a prize! We also have a large computer lab where you can check your work schedule, email, and Skype with family and friends.

Our services include exam proctoring, sharing information about classes, as well as providing a writing lab. Our writing lab offers scheduled individual time to look over your resume or papers. We also have an online writing lab where you can email your paper to us and we will provide feedback without having to meet in person! The papers will be returned to you within 24 to 48 hours of submission. The DLC also works closely with the Disney Education office where they handle everything regarding the Disney Internships and Programs educational offerings.

The DLC is home to Clubroom Thirteen501 where you can use our free Wi-Fi, watch TV or a movie, or just sit and relax. Daniel who works at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Outdoor Foods, says that he “enjoys using the clubroom the most because getting sit on the couches and watch the big screen TV makes him feel like he is at home.” Daniel is also a four-time Library Star winner as well! The DLC is also a resource for any question you may have regarding your program.

And finally, all of the Education Professional Interns who work at the DLC at Vista Way have completed the Disney College Program. They can either answer any of your questions or point you in the right direction. Stop by the DLC at Vista Way sometime soon!

Kelsey, Disney Education Team