Making the Best of Your Arrival Day in Florida

First off, Congratulations! You did it! You’re almost here to check-in for what may be the most magical experience of your life. Arrival day can be a bit stressful because everyone is nervous about roommates and where they’re going to work, but don’t worry; here are some helpful tips to set you up for success on your Arrival day.

Employee Verification Documents
Make sure to bring the correct Employee Verification documents. The complete list of documents that you would need is found on the oboarding site. It can also be found on any United States I-9 form.

DORMS Onboarding Pass
Make sure to bring the DORMS Onboarding you receive after you complete your DORMS information. If you were not near a printer when this was completed, visit to log in and print out.



Don’t Forget to Eat
Eat a balanced breakfast and bring snacks. You will be meeting tons of people and have a packed day, so it would be beneficial to make sure you eat a good breakfast to start your day off right! Snacks will help make you friends (so bring enough) as well as keep you energized throughout the day.

Bring Water
A water bottle! Whether you’re arriving for a Spring or Fall program, this is Florida, it can get hot and humid any time of year. Stay hydrated!

Prepare for Inclement Weather
Bring an umbrella. Again, this is Florida, who knows what the weather will be like when you arrive.



How to Dress
Casual attire for check-in is OK Check the weather forecast before you check in. It will be a long day and the weather could suddenly change. Come prepared for anything.



Onboarding New Hire Paperwork
Last but not least, make sure you have completed your Onboarding New Hire Paperwork. If these documents are not completed before you arrive it will delay the check in process.


Once your arrival day is complete, it’s pretty much smooth sailing from there. You start work in a few days, so relax, get to know your roommates and neighbors, and get ready for the time of your life!

Jourdan, Disney College Recruiting