I have a confession to make. I love pizza. I mean I REALLY love pizza. New York style or Chicago Deep Dish; hot or cold; breakfast, lunch, dinner or late night snack; from a chain or from a family run restaurant; it doesn’t matter.

One of my favorite things is using an app on my phone to order and track my pizza’s progress.

When the section lights up saying indicating my pizza is in the oven, I grab a pen to sign the receipt and cash for the tip (always tip) and place them near my door. When it reaches the “out for delivery” section, I sit in the front room of my house, strum my guitar, and anxiously wait for my pie to arrive.


Pizza is and always will be a staple of the U.S. college student diet. I’m sure that whenever you order a pizza, you probably track it as closely as I do. It is true. Pizza has conditioned us to watch any progress bar we encounter with great anticipation.

I’ll let you in on a secret now. The Progress Bar on the Candidate Dashboard is not like ordering a pizza. Let that sink in for a bit. I know. I spoiled some magic for you. Sorry.

It will always indicate the date you submitted your application. Other than the date, the Progress Bar doesn’t really provide useful information. The bar segments will jump around. Not all of the segments will illuminate. The words which appear do not clearly explain where you are in the process. Sometimes, you may actually move in the process, but those words stay the same. Those words could mean one thing to one candidate, but something completely different to another.

So if the Progress Bar isn’t any help, where should you look to know exactly where you are in the process?

Look at the area directly beneath the Progress Bar. The area that has a header of “Date”, “Subject”, and “Link to Details”. This area is an archive of the communication you have been sent regarding your application. The most recent message will always reflect exactly where you are in the process.


For example, “In Progress” is one of the phrases that could appear in the progress bar. “In Progress” actually shows up several different times throughout the process and could mean a variety of things depending on where a candidate happens to be.

The only way to know what “In Progress” means to you is to take a look at the most recent communication. That will tell you exactly what it means for you where you are in the process. If you ask another candidate, they might be able to tell you what it means to them, but that may differ from you.

Submission” also tends to generate a lot of questions. All applications go through the submission status. The amount of time an application spends at this status will vary between candidates, but everyone’s dashboard reads this at some point.  Everyone’s dashboard will eventually change.

If the Progress Bar says “Submission”, look in the communication area.  There should be a message that with a subject of “Thank You for Applying”. This may not instantly appear the second you submit, but it will eventually (your application has to be processed and your records updated). Some candidates dismiss this because “everyone gets that message”. It is a mistake to not take time to carefully read it. This message, like all messages concerning an application, contains very valuable information which will explain what “submission” means and will help you manage your expectations about what will occur over the next several days or weeks.

With the “Thank You” message, you know:

  • You successfully submitted your application.
  • Your application was reviewed and made it through the initial evaluation. If it didn’t, you would have received communication indicating you were no longer being considered. The status bar would also read “no longer in consideration”. You are still in the running and could be asked to continue at some point.
  • Not all applicants will be asked to interview. There was a time in the past when everyone who submitted an application moved on to the interviews. This is no longer the case. The Recruiting team takes a number of things into consideration before asking a candidate to proceed with the interviewing process.  Every candidate’s application receives the exact same consideration.  Those who are asked to move forward to the interviews are not selected randomly; they are asked based off the information they provided on their application.
  • A date which is the latest possible date you could receive an update on your application. This recruiting season it is November 13, 2015. You now know that at some point between now and this date, you will either be asked to move forward in the interview process or you will be informed you will not continue. As soon as a decision is made, your status will be updated and you will receive the proper communication.
  • To not submit another application. All applicants with Disney can only apply to a specific posting once every six months. With the Disney College Program, this equates to once each recruiting season. Each College Program application posting is not open longer than six months. It is also specific to the recruiting season. This season it is only for 2016 Spring and Spring Advantage programs. A different application will be posted next semester for the 2016 Fall and Fall Advantage season.

One more thing to mention.  If a decision has been made to no longer consider you for the program, “No Longer in Consideration” will appear in the Progress Bar.  This could show up a few hours before you receive the email (several processes have to run to finalize your status before the email is generated).  If you see “No Longer in Consideration” on your dashboard and the email hasn’t arrived, there isn’t an issue with your dashboard.  It isn’t a glitch.  The email will arrive.

I hope this shed some light on the Progress Bar and will alleviate confusion you may have about what you should be looking for when you log in.

All this pizza talk has made me hungry. I’m going to log into the MyDisneyExperience app and see if Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria at Epcot has any reservation openings for this weekend.


ChrisDisney Internships & Programs Communications Team