We’re getting ready for our newest College Program participants!

Applications for the Disney College Program are open, and you’ve decided it’s your time to apply. I’m so unbelievably excited for you to begin your magical journey! I’m sure you have lots of questions – like what to expect and how to prepare. I’m hoping that I can help you by giving you some tips regarding the application and phone interview process that will assist you in landing that offer!

1. Why do you want to do the Disney College Program?

Brittany earned her ears by working in Quick Service Food & Beverage – one of our most popular roles – at Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort.

I think this is the most important question to be able to answer and one you are very likely to be asked during a phone interview. You should ask yourself why you want to work for The Walt Disney Company and why you want to be a part of the magic. Everyone applying for the College Program “loves Disney,” so let the interviewer know why YOU want to work for Disney and why it’s so special for you. Also, I think asking yourself this question is super helpful during this process because sometimes it can be intimidating until you remember why you’re doing it!

2. Tailor your “Work Experience” section to the role(s) you’re applying for

One of the most important aspects of your initial application is your work experience! Every role has specific duties and qualifications that make it special.  Make sure that your experience matches up with the roles that you are applying for and that you look for those keywords in the role descriptions.

3. Rank your roles

Ranking your interest in the various roles available is another important part of the initial application, so take your time on this! Go to the Disney College Program website and thoroughly read the descriptions of each role. Don’t rank a role as “high interest” just because you really want to work for Disney. It’s important that you have a good time while on your program, so start off strong and only express a “high interest” in the roles that you feel qualified for and that you feel you would have a great time doing!

4. Research, research, research!

Look up potential questions that you may be asked. It’s likely you will be asked basic interview questions, but you may be asked more role-specific questions too. For example, if you mark a “high interest” in Attractions, you may be asked a question like, “If you were working at Space Mountain and it was down, how would you interact with a guest who was upset about the experience?” It’s a good idea to be prepared even if you don’t get asked those questions because it could help you in the interview.

5. Be happy, be excited and be you!

This is such a magical journey that you are embarking on! It’s important (and encouraged!) to convey that energy and excitement to the recruiter during your phone interview! Really let your inner “cast member” shine through!

Overall, doing your research, asking questions and getting excited are ways to set yourself up for success throughout the DCP application process. Don’t forget to smile and use your interviewer’s name while speaking with him or her. This makes the conversation more personal and even though it’s over the phone, the interviewer can tell if you’re smiling (pro tip: it’s magic!).  I know the process can be intimidating and definitely a little scary, but believe in yourself! This is your opportunity to create happiness! As Walt Disney said, “All of our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” Let your dreams guide you to find your happily ever after!

Katie (center) had her dreams come true as a Seater at Trattoria al Forno on Disney’s Boardwalk.

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