So, you’ve gotten an email from Disney Housing.  It says the word “mandatory”. All of your roommates receive the same email. It says you’re all required to come to a Disney Service Center for an apartment meeting.  None of your roommates mentioned anything about an apartment meeting, should you be worried? 

Absolutely not.

We offer apartment meetings to our participants for a variety of different reasons and if you are expected to be at an apartment meeting with your roommates, it shouldn’t be a cause for concern! 

There are so many misconceptions about apartment meetings, but here are the realities about these meetings: 

  • First and foremost, you’re not in trouble. You or any of your roommates can schedule an apartment meeting for a variety of different reasons. All of your roommates will have crazy schedules and you may just need a set time and place to come together and talk about apartment expectations. Other times, participants come to housing with concerns about their living situations and don’t know how to approach these concerns—that’s where Housing specialists come in! We’re there to facilitate a meeting between roommates, not to control the conversation or set apartment rules. 
  • Second, this doesn’t mean your roommates dislike you. If anything, they are scheduling an apartment meeting to resolve any tension that may be in the apartment. We set compromises and encourage roommates to talk about some of the not-so-great parts of living with their roommates, so that the not-so-great stuff can be resolved. We encourage participants to hash it out at the apartment meetings and leave the meeting on a positive note.  We hope that after every apartment meeting, roommates can move forward and leave the problems in the past. While we can’t promise you will leave the meeting as best friends, we hope that the apartment meeting will help you all move forward as respectful roommates! 
  • Third, your work location won’t penalize you. Apartment meetings are mandatory housing meetings.  Housing excuses you from work during the duration of the meeting. This means that “I have work” is not a valid excuse for you or any of your roommates to miss your apartment meeting.  It is a time away from crazy, hectic work schedules to sit down with your roommates and communicate with each other about roomie expectations. Of course, you should always let your work location know about your meeting before your scheduled shift so that they can reschedule you or find someone to cover you during the meeting! 
  • Lastly, everyone has to agree to the apartment rules put in place and follow them. During the meeting, the Housing specialist facilitating the meeting will take notes about what compromises are agreed upon. After the meeting, the specialist will send a recap email to everyone outlining the talking points and expectations that everyone has agreed on. The recap email acts as a “contract” between you and your roommates. Housing expects everyone to follow the agreed upon expectations and agreements after the meeting. This holds everyone accountable—you all agreed to it, stick to it! 

Housing offers apartment meetings as a way to host open dialogue between roommates and give people time to come together and talk about the living component of their Disney Program.  We hope that if you have an apartment meeting with your roommates, it is beneficial to everyone involve, not just the roommate that has scheduled one.  We want you and your roommates to be able to move forward from the conclusion of the meeting as a fresh start, so you can enjoy the rest of your program! After all, there’s a great big beautiful tomorrow, shining at the end of every day! 

TarynDisney Housing Service Center