It’s almost a new year, which likely means your planner will soon be filled with ideas of what you want to achieve and improve in 2019! And while change is important and worth celebrating, it’s also easy to become preoccupied with these exciting resolutions and forget about other important goals you may have already been pursuing. So I’ve curated a list of goals you shouldn’t change about your program in the New Year! Here are your anti-new year’s resolutions: 

Learn about the company  

Chances are, at the beginning of your program you were consumed with curiosity. And it’d be no surprise since there’s almost an endless amount of roles, programs and processes to discover. It’s fascinating to learn how to company operates and to meet the people behind the magic!  

Don’t lose that sense of wonder! Whether you have one week or 11 months left of your program, there’s always something left to learn. Continue to ask questions. Continue to volunteer for projects. Continue to network with other cast members and learn about their roles. You never know when a trusted piece of advice will present itself, your perfect role will appear or when a future mentor will greet you for the first time. 

Say yes to opportunities 

I get it – once you get into a routine it’s not easy to break! However, you probably began the program with a bucket-list a page and a half long and were ready to take on any challenge. Don’t settle for anything less and continue to say “yes” to new opportunities! Walt Disney World Resort is constantly offering exciting new experiences for guests and cast members alike. Even within Disney Internships & Programs, new processes like delayed departures, and communication tools like the Programs Support site, are transforming program experiences. Don’t get comfortable – make this program count and try everything you can! 

Work on skills for future roles 

Whether or not a full-time role was your end goal when you started the program, chances are you thought about the importance of a cast member experience when you accepted your offer. And while even having Disney on your resume is a game-changer, don’t let that be enough! Continue to expand your skills – even if you plan on leaving the company or if you’re less than a week away from saying see you real soon. Work on conflict resolution, communication, guest service and other skills that will lead you to success in the future! Utilize every opportunity to develop professionally. Trust me – the opportunities are there! 

Don’t be afraid to try new things in 2019, but don’t forget about the goals you set for your program before you arrived! Your Disney Program is what you make of it and often times, the goals you set for yourself will not be reached in one hour, one day or one week! Nurture your experience and make time for the things that are important to you. Remember, there’s no deadline for growth! 

KristinaCollege & International Housing Specialist
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