Housing Policies

Room Assignments

In assigning apartments and roommates, all accommodations will be assigned by gender and whether participants are over or under the age of 21. Apartments may include up to eight participants per apartment.

Cast members living in our housing complexes who are under the age of 21 upon arrival will automatically be placed in an Alcohol Prohibited (dry apartment, no alcohol) apartment. All apartments, courtyards and hallways are designated non-smoking.

We have a few basic rules, which we call Community Codes that benefit everyone living in our housing. Safety is always our top priority, and these guidelines are designed with our cast members’ safety and comfort in mind. Failure to comply with Community Codes can result in termination from the program.


Guests are welcome to visit a participant’s apartment complex, however overnight guests are prohibited.


Transportation service is available to cast members who live at one of our apartment complexes only. The primary purpose of our transportation system is to provide our cast members with a shuttle to their work location on a scheduled route. Shuttles to local merchants for groceries and sundries also are provided.

Although transportation is provided, we encourage participants to bring a vehicle if they have one, for their convenience. All participants who operate a vehicle on property must have valid automobile liability insurance issued by an insurance company registered and authorized to sell automobile liability insurance in the United States (including the State of Florida) that will cover any property damage or personal injury (including but not limited to serious bodily injury or death) caused by the participant while operating the vehicle.

All participants are responsible for their own transportation to the check-in location on their arrival day.


Disneyland Participants with Commuter CardsCalifornia
Transportation is not provided and participants are highly encouraged to bring their own vehicle. Public transportation is a viable option and is typically a quick and convenient ride to the resort, however it may not always coincide exactly with your work schedule. Students choosing to use public transportation will accrue $1 per day and a free bus pass as part of the Disneyland Resort’s Commuter Assistance Program.

All participants are responsible for their own transportation to the check-in location on their arrival day.

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