A Warm Welcome


When it is finally time to check into the program, students arriving are welcomed by various teams during arrivals! Most students start this process with dozens, if not hundreds, of other students, all eager and excited to be here and get started! In Florida they start at the Vista Way Pavilion, where they get their housing assignment and ID and take care of any necessary paperwork. New groups of roommates form and students from around the world introduce themselves to each other as they go from station to station, gathering information and paperwork.

Mounir Arhouni from Belgium is here for 6 months and described why he came on the Disney International College Program. “I have a friend who did the program before and told me everything is great and there is so much to do! Americans have another style of working and I really want to learn it and apply it in Belgium.”

Next they meet with our Casting team to discuss next steps, which usually includes a bus trip to the Casting Center!

At the Casting Center, students are welcomed by beautiful statues of classic Disney characters which surround them in the large building rotunda. Here, students meet with a member of our Casting team who will deliver the long-awaited news of where everyone will be working! After this short stop, students will wind their way through the Casting building, meeting representatives from the Education teams and finishing employment paperwork.

Everyone’s final stop in the Casting building is to meet with a Coordinator of Training, where they will receive more details on their work location, including costume requirements and training schedules. With this information in hand, students are invited to pose for a photo in front of a backdrop that looks like it is right out of a postcard so that they can show off to everybody at home, exclaiming “I’m at Walt Disney World!”

Arrival day is a busy day, but the culmination of months of waiting leaves a smile on many participants’ faces. At the end her check-in, Brittany C. from Sinclair Community College seemed relieved to be able to go back to her apartment to begin settling in, but was pleased with the check-in process. “The

[arrivals] process was not as long and crowded as I expected!”

The energy is contagious during arrivals and for the students; it is just the first of many great experiences on the program!


Kirk and Jennifer, Disney College Recruiting