A Dollar a Day: Commuter Assistance at the Disneyland Resort


Cast members at the Disneyland Resort are encouraged to participate in one of our many environmental initiatives called Commuter Assistance.

Here’s how it works: First, the Orange County Transit Authority (OCTA) provides all participants with a FREE bus pass to help you get to and from work. And every day that you take the bus to work, you earn a dollar! How about that? You not only save gas money, you earn it, too!

Taking the bus is not your style? Commuter Assistance also rewards you for carpooling! Hop into a car with a co-worker or friend while on your way to or from work, and you will earn a dollar every time.

Riding shotgun still not your thing? Is fresh air and a little bit of cardio more your stride? Then, may we suggest walking or riding your bike to work? Take part in these most energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and healthy ways to get to work, and we’ll treat you twice as nice! Two dollars a day will not only double your money, but will also help you get your daily workout at the same time.

These options are great ways to be environmentally friendly while helping you save money during your Disney College Program.

Krista, Disney College Program Housing Team, Disneyland Resort