Disney Professional Internship experience is not only a significant learning opportunity, but it is also a life opportunity. As always, the outcome of any opportunity is driven by what you make it.

Here are six life skills you will gain from a professional internship experience:

  1. Perspective
    You will have the opportunity to share your ideas and contribute to a team. This will help you remember to be curious, never stop learning and hear different perspectives.
  2. Achievement
    Achievement comes in a lot of different flavors. Feedback is key to achievement. By inviting positive criticism and applying it to your work habits, you can become a better contributor and grow. You might face moments in your internship when you feel disappointed with yourself, but at the end of the day learning from your mistakes is one of the most powerful achievements.
  3. Support
    Support starts with recognizing that everyone has strengths, weaknesses and unique viewpoints. By understanding this, you will learn not only how to contribute to a team, but to a brand. Promoting your team and getting excited for another person’s success is a life skill that should not be forgotten.
  4. Confidence
    This ties in with support, as personal encouragement is just as important as promoting others. Positivity goes a long way and you will learn that sharing your ideas and stepping out of your comfort zone to try new things could open doors you never even considered. Confidence is a process, but with the right work ethic and a clear target-goal during your internship, it can and will be developed.
  5. Balance
    It took a few weeks into my internship to comprehend the importance of balance in my life. By understanding what balance means to you, it will help you be proactive. This includes the balance of relationships, time management, relaxation, maintaining good health and the list goes on. While you get to know your fellow interns and team, you will also get to know yourself better. While you are embracing the company culture, it is chance to also embrace your own personal brand.
  6. Organization
    Learning to stay organized takes time. During your internship, it is important to stay organized, but it also important to know what style of organization works best for you. Organization cannot always be taught, and you will learn that it is okay to learn how you personally operate best.
LeilaDisney Internships & Programs Communications Team