Whether we’ve transformed Chatham Square field into Neverland or reserved Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park just for you, there’s always a Disney Housing event to attend while on your Disney Internship or Program in Florida. In fact, The Communicator calendar will show you that your program is jam-packed with all sorts of opportunities to take advantage of during your time here.

But, you may ask yourself, why go? There are many reasons to attend a Disney Housing event, but here are what we consider the top eight:

1)  Free stuff.



Every college student (or young adult, let’s get real) loves free stuff and we have plenty of it at most of our events. At Welcome Events, you’ll find free pizza, face painting, photo booths or caricature artists. At Formal, we have more free food, character meet-and-greets and entrance into a grand Disney ballroom. And then there are the six words that get everyone to rush to Starlit Splash: free Mickey Premium Ice Cream bars.


2)  Rare characters.


Ever wanted to jam with Sebastian from “The Little Mermaid”? How about throw a smolder at the ladies with Flynn Rider from “Tangled”? At Disney Housing events, we’ll bring these characters to you for exclusive meet-and-greets! Just a tip, though: Our character lines tend to have quite the wait! Arrive early to ensure you get face time with your favorites.


3)  Show off those dance moves.


We bring an experienced, high-energy DJ to almost all of our events ensuring you have the chance to show off those dance moves. This is especially the case at events like Welcome Events, Service Celebrations, Formal and Starlit Splash. With so much to celebrate at these parties, you can’t help but bust a move!


4)  Add members to your squad.


One of the best things about our events, especially early in your program, is the chance to meet a lot of new people from around the world! Waiting alone in the pizza line? Introduce yourself to the people around you! What better thing to connect over than the universal love of pizza?


5)  Fun, duh.


With so much to do at our events, there is an endless amount of fun to be had. Meet characters, fill your stomach with good food, hit the dance floor, get goofy in the photo booth and bond with your new or old friends. On my program (oh so long ago now), I will never forget all the fun I had bonding with my new roommates and friends at my welcome event. It was truly the start of great friendships that have lasted throughout the years!


6)  Step outside your comfort zone.


As JT wisely advised, “Dance – don’t hold the wall!” If you would usually rather stay home reading a good book than hit up a party, use this as an opportunity to get outside of your comfort zone! You never know what friendships will be formed or what you’ll discover about yourself just by doing so. So, don’t just stand there – hit that dance floor!


7)  Disney trivia and prizes.



Essentially, more free stuff, but with a bit more of a challenge attached! Our DJs will hold hula-hoop contests, test your Disney trivia and challenge you with scavenger hunts for the chance of receiving Disney Internship and Programs-themed prizes.


8)  Our events are exclusive to participants of a Disney Internship or Program!


Even if you stay with the company after your program, at no other time as a cast member will you have people throwing you parties at least once a month (trust me – I wish!). Take advantage of these opportunities. You won’t regret it and will only do so if you don’t go! I loved my program experience and wouldn’t change it for the world, but I do wish I had made an effort to attend more events.


So, what are you waiting for? Unfold that latest Communicator, grab a Sharpie and start circling all the events you are going to attend! And don’t forget to document your Disney Housing event adventures. Use #DisneyPrograms when posting on Twitter or Instagram.

Now, go. Live your dream. And we’ll see you at the next event!

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