Speaking from personal experience, going home at the end of my Disney College Program was one of the saddest days of my life. It’s difficult to put into words how much I didn’t want to leave Disney behind.

If I was Disney-minded before my program, it was nothing compared to my mindset when I left. I came up with a ton of new ways to incorporate Disney into my daily life back home.

As many of my fellow #CPAlumni know, there are a number of ways to fill the void when you return home from your College Program. Here are five ways to take Disney home with you:


1. Display your awesome new keepsakes.

You cannot leave the Disney College Program without a bag full of memorabilia. Show your Disney side at home by hanging up your pin lanyard, selecting a frequently viewed shelf for your Mickey ears and framing photos of you and your fellow #CPAlumni.


2. Take Disney to school.

In addition to displaying your Disney things at home, you can bring them with you to school too. When I went back to school, I always took notes with Disney pens and frequently wore Disney sweatshirts to class. I also loved when people asked me about them because I got to talk about my experience on the program.



3. Go DisneyBounding.

DisneyBounding is when you dress in an outfit inspired by your favorite Disney characters. It’s not as blatant as a costume, but true Disney fans will recognize you. You can DisneyBound anywhere and everywhere you go!


4. Create a Disney Parks playlist.

It’s always fun to listen to the music from Wishes or Fantasmic to make long car rides go faster. You can also opt for the instrumental park music for study sessions.


5. Cook up some Disney dishes.

Both the Disney Parks Blog and the Disney Insider have tons of recipes, so you can recreate your favorite park foods at home. Impress your friends and family with a Disney-inspired dinner party!



What are some other ways you brought Disney home with you after your College Program?

Jule, Global Recruitment Marketing, Undergraduate Associate