Many of you have waited all summer for the opportunity to apply for the Disney College Program and take part in an unforgettable internship experience in Southern California. Well guess what? Our fall recruiting season is officially underway! 

We’re looking for college students or recent graduates to take part in a once-in-a-lifetime internship opportunity at Disneyland® Resort from January to August 2019. Not only will you live in Anaheim and work for The Walt Disney Company, you’ll also gain valuable skills and knowledge to help you prepare for your professional career after college. 

Still not convinced? Check out these five reasons why our Disneyland College Program could be the perfect fit for you and completely change your life. 

Lifelong friendships
During the program, you’ll meet people from all around the world and many of you will become lifelong friends. We’ve heard so many people tell us they met their best friend or even their spouse on their program! When you go off to college and live in the dorms, you may find that you don’t have anything in common with your roommate. Here, all of our participants have at least one thing in common – their passion for Disney!

Only about 400 people participate in our program at Disneyland Resort each season, so you really get to know everyone by attending some incredible weekly events designed just for you and exploring the theme parks together. That’s right, as a Disneyland Cast Member, you receive complimentary admission into our Disney theme parks! 

We also host movie nights, backstage attraction tours and other celebrations and events to encourage everyone to venture out, have fun and make new friends. Don’t be surprised if you create some unforgettable friendships on the program! 

At some point, you’ve probably heard the saying “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” We believe that meeting professionals in other areas of the company is highly beneficial for our participants. Each season, we do everything we can to allow you to network with others and make those connections that could benefit you later on in your professional career. 

We host a networking mixer each season where you can meet hundreds of professional cast members from The Walt Disney Company, including professional interns. We also host monthly networking sessions in a casual setting so you can feel relaxed and comfortable while you learn more about other areas of the company. Networking is such an important piece of your internship experience and we want you to make the most of every opportunity.   

Even if you have no intention of staying with Disney after your program, these professional relationships you make can be an excellent resource for you down the road.  

Career Development Workshops
Every season, we host a variety of workshops designed to help you with your professional development. These include tips to help you with writing your résumé, improve your networking skills, master the interview process and learn how to develop your personal brand. 

All of the skills you’ll learn in these workshops are so important in helping you land a professional job after the program and they’ll help boost your confidence in the application process no matter where you go. We try to offer these in the beginning of your program when your schedule isn’t quite as busy, so make sure to take advantage of this exclusive opportunity. 

These workshops are so important because they benefit every single person on our program. Whether your dream is to stay at Disneyland forever or just utilize the internship to gain experience, these workshops will help set you up for success.  

Educational classes
Don’t forget, the educational classes at Disneyland are mandatory and are required in order to successfully complete your program. They’re also a good way for you to learn more about the business aspect of the company.  

Make sure to do your research and select classes that you find exciting and could benefit you as you’re looking for a professional career after the program. Since attendance is required, it’s important to be there every day and want to learn as much as you can.  

Some of our classes will spend a day at Disneyland Park and do exciting activities to help you gain more knowledge about the park and the inspiration behind how and why it was built. Walt Disney even had an apartment at Disneyland so he could stay the night when he visited. And by the way, you’ll get to tour that apartment on your program! 

Southern California
During your internship, you’ll put in a lot of hard work and spend around 34 hours per week working, but you’ll still have plenty of time for fun!

Are you a sports fan? We have you covered. It’s easy to take in a baseball, football or basketball game during your time here. In fact, we even host a special event each season where we take you to an Angels game. You’re also close to some of the most beautiful beaches around. Make sure to venture out and explore! 

Have you ever attended a live taping of one of your favorite shows? Make it happen during this program! A few years ago, we even had a participant win it all on The Price is Right. Did you ever think you’d have the chance to walk around The Walt Disney Studios in Burbank and visit the Disney Archives? Every season, we also take the participants to the studios lot and give them a private tour; something you’ll never forget. 

If this sounds like the perfect internship for you, make sure to apply today for this life-changing adventure!  

BrandonDisneyland Resort Housing Communications