The Walt Disney Company is the global leader in high-quality family entertainment. We accomplish that by focusing our amazing portfolio of brands to create an astounding array of diverse content, services and consumer products.  To make this happen, the Walt Disney Company looks for cast members, crew and employees with all types of backgrounds and interests – people like you!

Since we are such a large and diverse organization, it can be difficult to navigate our job postings to find the one that is right for you.  Here are a few tips about how to find your dream internship or job opportunity on!

  1. Search key words based on your skills and experience.
    Our job posting site offers many options to narrow down your search.  Using key words that relate to your skills and experience will allow you to narrow down your search to positions that are looking for the things that you offer.
  2. Don’t get hung up on the job title!
    Jobs with similar responsibilities may have different titles depending on the business segment or industry.  Be sure to read through the entire job posting to get a better understanding of exactly what you are applying for.  It is also a good idea to print or save a copy of those postings so you can reference the job description later. If you are selected for an interview, the job posting may have already been taken off the career site even though the hiring process is still ongoing.
  3. Do pay attention to the details!
    Each job posting will include some very important details that will help you to determine if it is a match for your interests.  Don’t forget to pay attention to details like the length of the internship, location and required application materials.  You don’t want to apply for internships that won’t work with your school schedule or miss out on being considered because you missed the direction to upload your transcript or portfolio.
  4. Don’t limit yourself!
    Your dream may be to work for the parks or at ESPN, so you may be tempted to focus your job search to only those business segments.  Keep in mind that partnership is a big part of why our company is so successful.  Consider searching for jobs with other business segments as it may be a stepping stone to your dream team.  Also, consider working for The Walt Disney Company’s corporate team as many of these groups focus on the big picture and their work spans multiple business segments. You may still end up working with your dream team, after all!
  5. Do keep checking!
    Our diverse teams have very different recruiting needs which can result in different timelines and schedules.  Some teams post their internship positions months in advance and others only weeks.  We recommend that you keep checking our site regularly for new opportunities.

It may take a little while to find the job that is the perfect fit for you, but when you do, it will be worth it!

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