When you are going through the interview process for a Professional Internship with The Walt Disney Company, you may be asked to complete a video interview, either one-on-one or with a panel. We know interviews can be stressful, and adding the complicated layer of technology can be intimidating, but we’ve got tips to help set you up for success! Keep these four things in mind as you prepare for your next BlueJeans video interview.

Dress professionally

Your video interview will act as a visual first impression, so dress for the job you want! Make sure you dress professionally from head to toe. You may be tempted to wear sweat pants with your classy blazer, but opt for business casual bottoms.

Set the scene

Before your interview, set up your space and background. Find a private, quiet spot and make sure the area in the frame of your webcam is appropriate and not distracting. Distractions can be more than just visual disruptions; they include sounds, too, so make sure there’s no TV noise or music playing loudly in the background.

Now, this might sound obvious, but remember your interviewer can see you. Don’t text during your interview or read your answers from the screen; you want to give your interviewer as much attention as you’d give them in an in-person interview.

Be prepared

Have a bottle or glass of water nearby during your interview in case you get a tickle in your throat. It’s better to take a sip of water than feel hoarse while trying to talk about your strengths. Another thing to keep nearby is a notepad and pen, just in case your interviewer gives you any important information you need to jot down.

Stay connected

Applications like BlueJeans require a strong Wi-Fi signal, so make sure you have a strong connection set up before you begin your interview.

If you face some seemingly scary technical difficulties, such as a black screen or no audio, don’t panic! In BlueJeans, there’s a chat function on the right-hand side, so use it to communicate with your interviewer if you have a problem with audio. Have your phone nearby and your email open in case of any last minute changes, then put your phone on “Do Not Disturb” or silent once you know you’re connected.

We hope these tips help you prepare for your next video interview! Stay tuned to the Disney Programs Blog for more interview tips, as well as Disney Professional Internship spotlights.

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