3 reasons to do a Disney Professional Internship

Disney Professional Internship applications will be opening just around the corner which is an exciting time! These internships are not only great resume-builders, but also an experience of a lifetime. Below are 3 reasons you should consider doing a professional internship

  1. Resume-Building

    Professional Internships are great resume builders. You are not treated as a traditional intern, but as a member of your team. You will make real, quantifiable contributions that contribute to the Walt Disney Company. You’ll make a difference, which is an amazing feeling.

    During my internship, I worked on a myriad of projects. I helped project manage recruitment campaigns, managed a large budget, created a new way to celebrate new hires, and participated in amazing photoshoots throughout different parks and resorts. I truly learned the ins and outs of Talent Acquisition Marketing by having my own set of real responsibilities that I was expected to take care of. I truly was a member of the team, just like anyone else.

  2. Friendship

    You will be living and working for the Walt Disney Company where you will be exposed to people from all over the world. You will be on a team of like-minded people with a diverse range of interests and passions. You are bound to make friends who you will carry with you throughout life.

    During my internship, I’ve made friends from my team and from others. I met one of my best friends on my internship and we constantly go to the different parks or areas in Orlando together. I’ve made friends who are continuing with the company, or relocating to other states or even a friend in China. I’ve never worked in a place where I met so many diverse people!

  3. Job Opportunities

    Participating in an internship with Disney is a great way to stand out for future job opportunities. You are contributing to a team, networking with people in your field, and truly participating in an interview over the course of your internship. While positions aren’t guaranteed, interns have great visibility to potential opportunities.

    I recently accepted a full-time position in recruitment after my internship. I participated in over 50 meet and greets, allowing me to meet different people throughout the company. I started as a marketing intern, but found a new passion that I’m now able to explore as a full-time Cast Member. Other members of my team have gotten full-time roles on their teams which our internships have allowed us to do.

Professional internships are truly a one of a kind experience that I can’t recommend highly enough. Keep an eye out on DisneyCareers.com for opportunities today.


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