2014 Spring/Spring Advantage
Arrival Tips


I know all of you are counting down the days till your big arrival, and so are we! Those of us in Florida are thrilled to soon welcome you on your Disney College Program, but before you arrive, I’d like to give you a little bit of advice to prepare for the big day.

First, make sure you arrive during the requested arrival time. It isn’t necessary to arrive at Vista Way extremely early, as your housing assignments would have already been made based on the information you provided in DORMS. Just make sure to arrive between 8am and 10am.  The more you stay on schedule, the smoother your first day (and ultimately first week) will go.

It is OK to dress casual, but be sure that you arrive in Disney Look in regards to your personal appearance. It is important that the cut and color of your hair is compliant with the Disney Look guidelines, which can be found on your onboarding site.  Body modifications, such as piercings, should be within Disney Look guidelines in order to maintain a professional image.   Guys, please make sure your facial hair is compliant.  It will be easier to take care of these things before you arrive and will ensure an easy arrival day.

Take time to eat a hearty breakfast; that first day is as long as it is exciting. You may not have much time to eat for several hours once you begin the check-in process.  We also suggest bringing a snack along with you just in case.

When you come to the Casting Center, you must bring the correct forms of ID with you in order to receive your work location assignment, complete your background check, and sign your hire documents. Without these forms of government-issued IDs, we won’t be able to complete the hiring process and your training may be delayed. If you have a  valid U.S. passport, this is the best form of ID to bring as it can be used on its own for work verification without any additional documents. If you don’t have a passport, a valid driver’s license and social security card can be used together for verification. A complete listing of acceptable documents can be found on the onboarding site. The documents must be originals; please no photocopies. Be sure to keep them safe and readily accessible. Preparing ahead of time will make your visit to our offices in the Casting Center go much faster.

There is a possibility that you may be outside for long periods of time during check-in.  Florida weather can be unpredictable and change rapidly.  It may be wise to bring a sweater and an umbrella with you.

Get ready to meet lots of new people! You’re going to be living, working, and playing with them for the next semester.  The check-in process is the easiest time to meet new friends.

Your check-in day will be exciting and very busy.  Remember this day will be just the beginning of your journey.  Make the most of it.

Katey, Disney College Recruiting