1. As soon as your program ends, you want to go back because you miss being able to pop over to a Theme Park when you’re bored.
  2. You immediately start saving all of your money so you can book a Disney vacation ASAP.
  3. You spend all of the rest of your school breaks at Disney until you graduate.
  4. You are now the Disney expert among your family and friends, and everyone knows this.
  5. You start to annoy everyone because every story you tell starts, “This one time at Disney…”
  6. You know all of the words spoken by the ghost host in the Haunted Mansion and you find yourself reciting them at random times of the day.
  7. You lose track of time in the evening because you no longer hear fireworks every night at 10 p.m.
  8. You’ve memorized all of the safety spiels on the monorail, the parking trams and every attraction, and you know them in both English and Spanish.
  9. You go through roller coaster withdrawl when you go longer than a month without riding Space Mountain or Big Thunder Mountain.
  10. Without realizing, you still point at everything using your two-finger Disney point.
  11. Every picture you post on #TBT is from you during your Program.
  12. When anyone you know goes on a trip to Disney, you immediately like all of the photos they post online.
  13. When you tell your friends about the time when you were in Mexico, you forget that you now have to clarify that you mean Epcot, not the actual country.
  14. You can spot a Disney antenna topper a mile away, and get really excited when you see one on someone’s car back home.
  15. When your friends can’t come up with anything to do, you always suggest a Disney movie marathon.
  16. You’ve taken to listening Disney music whenever you’re in the car (with the volume all the way up so you can sing along).
  17. You use acronyms like DLR, DAK and TTC, and people look at you like you have five heads.
  18. You are way more inspired by Walt Disney quotes than anyone else.
  19. You rethink your whole career plan because so you can move back and work at Disney.
  20. When you go back to visit, you get overly emotional during Wishes because you feel like you’re home.

Jule, Global Recruitment Marketing, Undergraduate Associate