Anyone who has participated in the Disney College Program knows that there are certain pieces of Disney that never really leave you. With the Disney lingo that becomes ingrained in your vocabulary, you can’t just stop using it once you go home.  Here are 12 things College Program Alumni can’t stop saying after they leave:


1. Have a magical day!

Which sounds plain weird in real life.


2. Hey there, princess!


It’s really awkward when you see a little girl and call her “princess” when you’re not at a Disney park.


3. 10-4

You get so used to using radio-speak that you forget to stop.


4. All of the Acronyms

Most of which don’t make sense if you’re unfamiliar with the Disney lingo. “I did my CP at MK where I worked at Ad/Lib.”


5. PDD

This is an acronym you don’t start using until you go home. Then you discover Post Disney Depression is real and it is a serious problem.


6. This one time at Disney…


All of your stories start with this phrase. All of them.


7. I worked for the Mouse.

You tell everyone and anyone that you worked at Disney because you are proud.


8. 18:00

Working at Disney you get used to Military time, which people don’t use back home.


9. When did you do your program?

Any time you encounter a fellow alumnus, you need to know when they did their program, what role they had and in which housing complex they lived.


10. I miss my friends!


Because let’s face it, you miss your College Program friends so much.


11. Why aren’t there any fireworks here?


You need your fireworks fix and you need it now.


12. I want to go back!

And of course, you’re already planning your next Disney vacation!


Jule, Global Recruitment Marketing, Undergraduate Associate