10 tips for creating a winning engineering resume

Engineering internships at The Walt Disney Company are incredibly competitive.  When recruiters and hiring leaders begin to review resumes, they know the projects candidates will be working on during their internship experience as well as the skill set that is needed to be successful.  You have just a few moments to make an impression on the individuals who are reviewing your information.  Below are some tips that will help you to strengthen your resume and improve your chances of being selected for an internship opportunity.

  1. As you lay out your resume, imagine yourself as a hiring leader who is checking of boxes in their mind of skills the ideal candidate would possess. Your resume should include all of your engineering-related experience including work experience, project experience, technical skills, academic and professional organization/club involvement,  certifications/licenses, and volunteer activities.
  2. Section 1: Lead off your resume with your educational experience including school and major, anticipated date of graduation, and current overall GPA. If there is room on your resume once you have included all the other important information, provide a brief summary of your most important, relevant coursework.
  3. Section 2 (if applicable): Detail any related work experience including your specific work responsibilities, projects and accomplishments in the job.
  4. Section 3: Detail your project experience including numbers of team members and your specific role on the project team.
  5. Section 4: List your technical skills.
  6. Section 5 (if applicable): List your certifications and licenses.
  7. Section 6: Provide a summary of any engineering related clubs or professional organizations in which you are involved. If you hold a specific position within any of the clubs/organizations, include this as well.
  8. Section 7 (If applicable): Include on your resume any community activities or volunteer work in which you participate that may be meaningful to the position for which you are applying.
  9. Section 8: If you still have space available on your resume, include any additional experience that is not related to engineering but shows your ability to manage time, multi-task and prioritize responsibilities. This may include other non-related work experience
  10. While you probably worked very hard during high school, it is time to remove your high school information from your resume. As a future engineer, you need to look for opportunities to fill your resume with collegiate and professional engineering related work and activities.
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