Night of Stars Spring 2016

At 7 a.m. on April 11, 2016, participants mastering skills such as dance, song and musical instruments stepped foot onto the House of Blues’ stage at Disney Springs. The […]

Disneyland Resort participants accept the Earth Month challenge

April is Earth Month, so it seemed like the perfect time to challenge our participants at the Disneyland Resort to make a commitment to reduce their environmental impact during […]

Disney Service Center, How Can We Help You?

FAQs from our Participants, Past and Present
The East Coast Disney Internships and Programs Service Centers are your one-stop shop for almost anything you could think of! Since I was […]

Best Kept Secrets: Disney Springs

With the recent and continuing expansion of Disney Springs, there are so many unique and exciting locations to explore. We all have our favorite places where we like to […]

Top 10 Reasons to visit the Disney Learning Center during your Disney Program!

The Disney Learning Center (DLC) invites you to be our guest and put these 10 services to the test during your Disney College or International Program!




These are just a […]

Disney College Program Participant Spotlight: Camille, Lifeguard

When swimming and Disney are two of the things that you’re most passionate about in life, finding the perfect job to combine those things can be a challenge…or is […]

What to pack for your Disney College Program

The moment has come: it’s time to pack your belongings and begin your journey to Florida for your Disney College Program. If you are anything like me, you have […]

The White Glove Award: Fact or Fiction?

Imagine you have just arrived at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park. So exciting! Walking up, you see a small piece of trash on the ground and being the team-oriented […]

Tips and Tricks for Mobile International Programs Applications

With technology quickly evolving, it seems like the world is moving at such a fast pace! Recently, the Disney International Programs website,, updated and applications for these opportunities […]

5 Things that will Probably Happen on your Disney College Program

The Disney College Program has a unique way of bonding participants together through memories and common experiences that non-alumni just simply don’t understand. Whether you’re reading this out of […]